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Ruhr University Bochum - Chair for Network and Data Security

Research and development at the Chair for Network and Data Security concentrates on cryptographic protocols, Internet and XML security.

Popular repositories

  1. PRET Public

    Printer Exploitation Toolkit - The tool that made dumpster diving obsolete.

    Python 2.8k 535

  2. WS-Attacker is a modular framework for web services penetration testing. It is developed by the Chair of Network and Data Security, Ruhr University Bochum ( ) and the Hackmanit G…

    Java 412 116

  3. CORStest Public

    A simple CORS misconfiguration scanner

    Python 316 95

  4. A tool to generate media files with malicious metadata

    PHP 116 26

  5. An extension for BurpSuite that highlights SSO messages in Burp's proxy window..

    Java 99 48

  6. PDF101 Public

    Artifacts for the Black Hat talk.

    Python 63 14